About Hybrid Rugby

Hybrid Rugby is a rugby game with a mixture of rules designed to eliminate the predictability of sixth tackle options in league and introduce a genuine contest for the ball, whilst eliminating defensive kicking and continual stoppages associated with union.

What does the Hybrid Rugby have that League and Union don’t?

  • Hybrid is a free flowing attacking style of a game.
  • It emphasises the pure rugby skills contained in both codes.
  • It eliminates the negatives associated with both codes.
  • Hybrid is sustained excitement!

Will Hybrid Rugby replace the rugby codes?

Hybrid Rugby will not replace either rugby league or rugby union. That would be both impossible and completely undesirable. On the contrary, rugby league and rugby union will jointly participate in a single annual and unique event.

The annual event will have the major benefit of bringing substantial additional revenue into each code, revenue which each code would not otherwise be able to have access to. Hybrid Rugby may assist in alleviating the problems associated with the restrictions imposed by the salary cap with the games’ marquee players having representation in this unique annual event.

Other sporting codes such as AFL and soccer are increasingly encroaching on the rugby league and rugby union markets. Hybrid Rugby will provide a vehicle for the two rugby codes to tackle this emerging threat on a united front.

Hybrid Rugby is an opportunity for the two rugby codes, not a threat to them.

What opportunities does Hybrid Rugby have to offer?

For the codes, the opportunity to jointly own a majority ownership in an exciting new concept and to control its progression and development. It also creates a lucrative new revenue stream and may assist in alleviating some of the pressure on clubs to keep their superstar players under the salary cap with a significant one-off annual Hybrid Rugby match payment.

Hybrid Rugby will never be played without the consent of the rugby league and rugby union governing bodies.

For the sponsor, the opportunity to partner with a unique and exciting product.

For the major events organisation, the opportunity to bring tens of thousands of visitors to their state.

For the players, the opportunity to test their skills against the best of the best and the opportunity to earn valuable additional income commensurate with their elite status.

And for the fans, pure rugby excitement.