A message from the Chairman

“It’s amazing to see what sportsmen can achieve when winning is the ultimate aim.

Rugby league and rugby union players can easily adapt to each others codes with spectacular and entertaining results.”

– Paul Franks, Chairman

I’d like to welcome you to a wonderful concept called Hybrid Rugby, which as the name suggests is a hybrid game of Rugby League and Rugby Union.

First and foremost I would like to assure you that there is absolutely no suggestion or intention to create unification between the codes. That would be undesirable and totally impractical and we would never have any part in that suggestion. Hybrid Rugby has been developed for the sole purpose of improving and assisting the two codes through cooperation and goodwill that can only transpire into a win-win for all.

This concept has been designed for the two codes to control and administer themselves in unison so that this concept itself can only be played with the express consent of both codes. In my opinion cooperation can only enhance the autonomy of both codes in a competitive sporting market that will bring enormous benefits to both codes such as the way cricket has enjoyed an additional revenue stream with the introduction of their one day concept and more recently their Twenty20 concept.

It will also eliminate to a large extent the plundering of our elite players around the world because of restrictive salary cap rules that were initiated originally because of the lack of cash. There are also the major concerns of other codes such as AFL and soccer intruding into our heartlands so a strong relationship between the Australian Rugby Union and National Rugby League can only be of benefit to both codes.

Make no mistake, this game would be a once in a lifetime event that every sports lover would want to see and it would undoubtedly become one of the great annual events on the Australian and international sporting calendars.

The rules/laws of the concept have been specifically designed not to favour one code or the other, therefore making it a truly competitive game as was exhibited at a recent game held between a rugby union school (Saint Augustines College) and a rugby league school (Keebra Park SHS) at Sydney’s Brookvale oval where 4,000 people including the two national coaches of both codes attended.

After seeing the game in action, the media, sporting greats and the general public have declared their support to see the game played at an elite level, which is the ultimate goal.

Excerpts from media coverage and comments from various identities from both codes following that exhibition match are displayed in this website for your convenience.

Have a look through our website for more information on Hybrid Rugby and check back in for updates on our plans for games in Australia and around the World.

Paul Franks