TOMMY Raudonikis says it will be just like the old days when the Fibros played the Silvertails in rugby league’s most bitter grudge match.

The Western Suburbs Magpies legend is talking up Sunday’s hybrid match at Pirtek Stadium, where his old side meets the Randwick Galloping Greens.

“It will be like when we used to play Manly,” Tommy said.

“Everyone knows rugby union people are the silvertails. Both sides will want to win just as much as we used to.”

While hybrid games in the past have been seen as merely exhibitions, Raudonikis is convinced this one will be a lot different.

“Whenever you pull that Western Suburbs jersey on it’s serious,” he said.

“I wore one for 11 years and you go out to win every game.”

Hybrid Rugby is the brainchild of former rugby league player Phil Franks, who for years has been in talks with NRL and ARU administrators about setting up a game.

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